Grimhoofd Broodzwaard

Golden Grim for Prophets of Rage

As often as he deems it necessary, our in-house viking Grimhoofd Broodzwaard dis-embarks his Drakkar to present a prime musical discovery. 

Introduction by CEO Dick Weyls

Bearhole remains your gatekeeper when it comes to channeling fine melodies. No wonder: we have the grand music connoisseur and part-time viking Grimhoofd Broodzwaard in our editorial staff. His musical taste is reflected by the Golden Grim award, sporadically handed over to scrupulously selected artists.

Prophets of Rage – Prophets of Rage

“Prophets of Rage is a timeworn, predictable replica of everything we already know from Rage Against The Machine. Tom Morello blindly pulled another power-riff out of his riff-basket without even trying to think about the slightest chord progression. This band has no identity whatsoever, and has well-nigh become a gimmick of its own past success. That’s exactly why I love them. Five stars.”
– Grimhoofd Broodzwaard

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