Farty Pigmac

Farty in Buenos Aires

Trailer 1

Farty Pigmac is heading to Buenos Aires! Join his whacky adventure starting this Friday, at Bearhole.


Trailer 2

No safer way to travel than Brundfunk Airlines. Farty just embarked the Turbulencia 747, and is crossing the Atlantic as we speak!


Episode 1 – Empanada

Some parts of the Turbulencia 747 landed safely in Buenos Aires. Meanwhile, a hungry Farty Pigmac encounters a slight misunderstanding at a local Panadería. (ESP)


*** I N T E R P R E T A T I O N ***
:   Two empanadas, please!
Baker:   No problem, piggy! With chicken?
Farty: Shure!
…2 minutes later…
Baker: See ya later, piggy!
Farty sitting annoyed on an actual giant chicken
Chicken: Pokaa

Episode 2 – Zoológico

Farty regained his confidence after the Empanada debacle. Today, he heads to the barrio of Palermo to visit the city zoo. There he encounters an untrustworthy elephant.

Farty Pigmac - Zoológico

*** I N T E R P R E T A T I O N ***
:   How you doin’, man?
Elephant:   All good, Farty. All good.
Elephant:   (continues) But this Zoo is really annoying me.
Farty:  I read they are going to close the Zoo, and finally release all the anim… (gets interrupted)
Elephant:   PRRRRT!
Farty:   Ehmmm… (awkward moment with a big turd appearing in the background)
Farty:   Is that yours? (referring to the big turd in the background)
Elephant:   Nooo, no that’s not mine, bro. (obviously lying)
Elephant ending up with a big nose, pointing out he was lying after all, in reference to Pinoccio’s nose.

Episode 3 – El Superclásico

As a prime hincha of La Boca, Farty heads to the world’s most exciting soccer duel.


*** I N T E R P R E T A T I O N ***
Frame 1: Farty encounters an announcement for the Superclasico.
Frame 2: Looking like an experienced supporter, Farty is dressed up in the colours of Boca Juniors, and ready for the start of the game.
Frame 3: The rivals of River Plate score 0-1. Farty looks surprised.
Farty: The parrot’s ass! (typical Argentinian swear word, literal translation)
Frame 4: River strikes again, 0-2. Farty gets annoyed.
Farty: The whore that gave birth to you!!! (typical Argentinian swear word, literal translation)
Frame 5: Boca’s favorite player Carlos Tevez takes a red card. Farty is furious and breaks his Boca flag out of frustration.
Farty: Go fuck yourself!!! (Farty yells to the referee)
Frame 6: Half time. Farty head to the bar.
Farty: 20 beers please. (orders beers in bar)
Farty: I cannot believe this (thinking to himself while ordering beers)
Frame 7: Farty is still enjoying his beers during half-time. Suddenly he notices a sign saying ‘Football Shirts Shop’. He seems to have an idea.
Frame 8: Inversed replica of frame 2. Farty is now dressed in the colours of River Plate, supporting the rival as if nothing has happened.