Bobby Rundfunk

The secret of success


In his ‘Intimate Indeed’ sessions, reporter Bobby Rundfunk flirts with the borders of modern day journalism. This week: an enticing chat with
CEO Dick Weyls.

BR: Dick, you’ve been managing Bearhole with an iron fist since 2010. How do you feel about that?

Dick Weyls: Excited, Bobby. Excited and bored. Actually, more bored than excited.

BR: Might I proclaim that the ‘iron fist’ is rusted?

Dick Weyls: You might, Funkerbob, but that doesn’t make much sence to me.

BR: I’m referring, of course, to your way of managing Bearhole, which you do with a strong hand.

Dick Weyls: And what has iron got to do with this?

BR: It’s just a saying, Dick.

Dick Weyls: Well Bobby, I don’t like your crappy sayings. Now get out of my office before I slap you with my iron fist.

BR:  Thank you for your time. (confused)

The end

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