Bearhole pop-up store crashes sales record

The opening weekend of Farty Pigmac on the Hunt turned out to be a major success at the Box Office. With over 25 copies sold, A Bearhole Engagement is envisioning a financial break-even for the first time in publishing history.

“We’ve started with a limited pressing of 50 copies, but have doubled the amount yesterday” says a smiling Dick Weyls, CEO of Bearhole. “It’s been a reckless ride the past few days, with orders coming in from all of Belgium’s mayor cities.”

The secret behind this sudden uprise in sales, apart from excellent drawings and sublime storywriting? It might very well be the new Bearhole Pop-Up Store. Says Dick: “It was a great idea and it turned out really well. Lots of people were attracted by our prime cardboard box, so we’ll definitely be setting up store in more locations over the next weeks.

Pop-Up Store attracting crowds last Saturday.
A wide product range representing the Bearhole Autumn 2018 Catalogue
A certain popularity has been noted amongst Construction Workers.

Promotion for the new Farty Pigmac publication is set to run until end 2022. Get your limited edition copy while you still can.