Brundfunk Airlines grounds entire fleet

“We will be taking no unnecessary risks”, explains Rundfunk in a brief press statement. “Flying itself is tricky enough, considering the state of our planes. Seriously, have you seen those wrecks? Now, with this virus coming into play, that’s just too much to handle.”

CEO Dick Weyls is surprised about the measures, when asked for a quick reply. “Virus? That’s the first thing I hear about it” reports the strong man behind Bearhole. “But for me, safety comes first. That’s why I’ve been quarantining myself in Hawaii for the past six months.”

Weyls does confirm he will be taking extra precautions for his staff as well. “I’m urging Bearhole employees to work from home these coming weeks. We’ll be further assessing the situation very closely, on a week-to-month basis.”

by Jacques Prélude for Bearholepress


State of the Bear: CEO recaps 2019

Dear peasants,

During these last hours of 2019, many of us feel as if the year has flown by. I can confirm you it has not. A year is a measure of time, and has no physical abilities. And even if it had: there is no problem with a fast-paced year. Certainly not if it consisted of solid work, bold decisions and goals achieved. Sadly, none of this is the case for Bearhole.

As you may have noticed, we’ve tried to stay below the radar this year. Early on in 2019 our strategical unit calculated that a regular or even a minimum amount of output would have a negative impact on our long term societal goals. With your wellbeing in mind, we’ve limited our posts and creative releases to a bear minimum.

Do not take this the wrong way. When output is low, it means an organisation is working hard behind the scenes: creating new concepts, drafting comics, engaging with the field. In general, that is; we did none of this, but you should be aware that it happens.

So how can Bearhole start the year fresh? I’ve studied this question with my fellows at the Brookings Institute, and let me get right to the conclusion: 2020 should be more about me. More than ever, our enterprise needs a strong Dick on top of things. The old, flexible horizontal structures where every employee is equal are outdated. I’m therefore pleading for more work in silo’s.

Organisational issues aside, I’d like to leave you with warm wishes and a message of gratefulness. Without you I wouldn’t be the Dick I am today. Confident, fresh, sometimes flabby, other times hard. Not always a Dick full of confidence: at times I’ve felt very small this past year. But always remember: a small Dick is a Dick nonetheless.

Kind regazza’s,

Dick Weyls
CEO at large


Members Reunited

A rare snapshot of the current Bearhole Members