A wild Fartizard appears: uncommon Pokémon leaves aficionados baffled

There it is, rare as a Stradivarius: Fartizard. The seldom seen Pokémon card was found in a dark attic and is being auctioned for thousands of Bearcoins as we speak.

Fartizard, private collection. Click to zoom.

Special powers

Although unique, Fartizard seems to have no notable qualifications. The Pokémon can summon a ‘Farty Flap’ by using a ridiculous amount of energy – with no visible effect whatsoever.

You might have more luck playing the Fart Spin, which in return for 2 energy cards launches a deadly fart. Smells like loads of fun.


CEO Dick Weyls claims to be ‘as surprised as the next guy’ with the sudden appearance of this Bearhole themed Pokémon. The big man says he ‘needs time to digest the phenomenon’, but is also ‘delighted with the lucrative potential’.

Story and first reactions by Jacques Prélude for Bearholepress

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