Street Art Department reveals new comic

In what CEO Dick Weyls proudly describes as “one of our most lucrative deals thus far”, Bearhole’s Street Art Department (B-SAD) reveals a fresh outdoor comic commissioned by the municipality of Rotselaar in collaboration with Treepack.

The brand new street art production consists of a previously unreleased 3-frame comic that was sprayed and painted on local electricity boxes during the month of June 2023 by B-SAD’s talented crew.

As a part of the Tour Elentrik project, these paintings aim to create a pleasant and inspiring outdoor environment while empowering citizen initiatives such as Den Ateljee.

Sharing the bill
It is still unclear which type of remuneration Weyls has negotiated for this latest commission. Experts say the fee might amount to a staggering €25,00. However, taking travel expenses into account, this compensation can hardly cover the vast financial deficit Bearhole has accumulated over the past decade, despite ventures into digital currencies and suspected greenwashing strategies.

On a related note: Bearhole’s CEO, unreachable for further explanations at the time of writing, is rumoured to be working hard on a stock market index entitled BEAR 20, representing 20 stocks of Bearhole’s best selling products.

Check the slideshow below for exclusive footage by our photographer Jacques Prélude.

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