Bearhole staff gears up for World Cup in Russia

Soccer fans rejoice as World Cup coverage becomes top priority

Soccer fans rejoice as World Cup coverage becomes top priority

CEO Dick Weyls will send a delegation of journalists to Russia for live coverage of the 2018 World Cup this June. In what appears to be Belgium’s final chance to grab the big cuppa, Weyls states “Bearhole has to be on the front row when history happens.”

– by reporter extraordinaire Jacques Prélude –

White smoke emerged from the Bearhole HQ this morning as Dick Weyls announced the bold decision to send his staff to Russia and thus promote sports journalism in a difficult climate. Cause for celebration, but also for upheaval when it turned out the white smoke was caused by an actual fire in the kitchen.

As predicted, sports fans around the globe celebrate Bearhole’s presence at the World Cup. Positive reactions on social media are abundant, with opinion makers applauding Dick’s decisive action.

      One reaction comes from BBC sports icon Gary Lineker

Drawing on Experience

    Bobby Rundfunk

Of course, it is not the first time Weyls sends reporters to a major sporting event. In 2016 reporter Bobby Rundfunk covered a list of games at the Euros in France, including a memorable match preview of the Belgium game against Ireland. Apart from a regular mistake in terms of location , his work was publicly conceived as a roaring success.

But this time, not only Bobby Rundfunk travels to Russia. Music reporter and viking Grimhoofd Broodzwaard will be on location as well. He covers at least one group stage match, because of plundering obligations in that same area.

Close Monitoring

It seems like Bearhole takes the live coverage very serious. Dick elaborates: “We want to become a role model in the world of sports journalism. That is why I am putting my best men on the job.”

The CEO also plans to follow-up the live coverage very closely, from his desk office in Hawaii. “I need all my focus to monitor this project in detail. That is why I’m setting up my personal office in Hawaii for a few months this summer. I’m actually on the island right now, for scouting reasons.”

Critics claim this is just a way of escaping his tight holiday regime and spending time on the beach. But Weyls denies: “you won’t see any Dick on these beaches, I can assure you!”


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