New: Bearhole Wintermug

Discover this classy new piece of porcelain in the Bearhole Catalogue ☕☕☕

Great news for tea and coffee lovers! Bearhole is launching a state of the art winter mug right in time for Christmas. Look your favourite bear in the eye every morning – then look away from your partner and enjoy your beautiful new cup!

The Bearhole Wintermug: a great opportunity to stop drinking coffee out of your bare hands.

The first limited edish pressing of the Bearhole Wintermug (one piece) is already fully sold out. But no worries, our Porcelain Division is working on a new one. To order your mug, fill out the form below! 

Disclaimer: every purchase at Bearhole is a direct support to our creations. Possible revenues (which are very rare) are used for production costs, website maintenance and PR. CEO Dick Weyls has no access to these fundings. 

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