Leaked: Dick’s last words

The disappearance of Bearhole’s CEO left aficionados flabbergasted. Let’s take an exclusive look at one of Dick’s last internal memo’s.

Dig in crew,

I write this mail to give everyone a big compliment.
Even though we haven’t really accomplished anything the past few months, I feel like we’ve been working very hard. Being available 24/7, updating the communication systems, battling the bagel problems… it’s a lot to sum up in one short email. We grown as a team, and more importantly, as a business striving for more profits in an ever-shrinking market.

Let’s not forget why we do what we do: delivering essential
knowledge, if possible in a nutshell, to every person with access to squirrel mail. I feel like our fan base can only grow bigger. For as long as squirrel mail exists of course. Anyway, big up squirrel mail is really where I’m getting at here.

Last but not least, thank you Ronny from the Bagelcave. You’ve had some rough times lately. We never planned on ordering those 1500 kilo’s of bagels, let alone getting them in threefold. But you’ve managed to clean up the Bagelcave, and clear up the mess.

That’s all for now crew.
Stay sharp. Keep up the good work.
And remember: don’t order any more bagels.

An everlasting wave of cordiality,
Your Dick,


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