Introducing Dixit Weyls

Dig in crew,

Big tasty news was just delivered to us by Bearhole’s transport owl Gargaloth. Unfortunately, Gargaloth died right after his delivery. Thanks for all, Garge. You were a lazy, fat, annoying owl, but you had a good heart. May you rest in peace on my sandwich tomorrow.

But enough about Gargaloth. We’re here to talk about a new quote project. In a nutshell: wisdom from CEO Dick Weyls will from now on be gathered in a weekly post entitled DixitWeyls™. The main goal is to increase the ressiliance of the CEO’s thoughts and create a platform of superior intelligence.

CEO Dick Weyls gave an exclusive first reaction to our webteam this morning: “I am excited, guys. Excited and bored. Come to think of it, I am more bored than excited” said a clearly focused Dick. Big words from a dick man.

Last but not least, the word is on the street that the fire in your heart is out (Gallagher et al, 1995). No, but serious, the word is on the street that DixitWeyls fridge-magnets might be launched in a far and distant future. Exciting stuff indeed, although for now these words remain mere whispers in the wind.

Diggin’ it out,

and a diggin’ out loud,



Gargaloth’s funeral will be held upcoming Tuesday.


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