Dick Accidentally Launches Fall ’17 Season

Bearhole CEO says fresh material is being taken through quality control as we speak.

A slip of the tongue. That’s all it took for Bearhole’s CEO Dick Weyls to admit new content is bound to be published. The exciting news was reveiled at Dick’s holiday mansion in Monaco.

During a brief press moment the CEO said fresh material has finally arrived and is being taken through quality control as we speak.

“We received a boatload of drafts from our content-manufacturers in Babidwana. Our pipesystem is now working 24/7 to distillate some worthy content out of all that crap. I expect the first new post to be ready by mid-November.”

On the implications of the new material for his own holiday schedule, the CEO is regretful. “I did not realise launching a new season also implied me getting back to work” says a lamenting Dick. “But perhaps it is the right time to return to the Bearhole Headquarters and see what my staff is up to.”

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