Bearhole calls for less Brexit jokes

“Enough is enough”, says a clearly annoyed CEO Dick Weyls in an official statement released yesterday by media-conglomerate A Bearhole Engagement. 

“We’ve seen too many Brexit puns, meme’s and GIF’s these days. So many even that my own company has not been able to produce a proper one of its own. I therefore insist on limiting the release of all further humorist intents related to Brexit to a bare minimum.”

With England being kicked out of the Euros, another wave of possibilities has arisen for potential jokes. Weyls urges to remain calm. “Please think before you make the joke. Seriously. Think for yourself: is this joke original? Is this really worth another tweet? Is this going to make the difference? These questions should be asked by anyone hovering over that ‘post’ button.”

Bearhole’s CEO also urges to stay low on the likes and shares. “We can only stop this Brexit madness by not liking or sharing the content. Do not engage with posts that contain Brexit related jokes. For crying out loud, DO NOT.”

It is not often that CEO Dick Weyls himself takes the main stage to address his readers. A strong sign by the Bearhole chief, perhaps in the light of the 2020 CEO elections. (br)


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